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Looking for bodyguards or security officers in LA, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, or other places in CA? Sphinx Security Services company hires and trains the best. 

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security guards Los Angeles

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Sphinx Security USA

A satisfied client starts with a satisfied employee.

Our job does not end when we send you a reliable, presentable and punctual officer. It only begins there.

In terms of professionalism, reliability, commitment and drive, we are currently not competing with any other security companies. We are competing with law enforcement agencies nationwide.

  • Executive Protection
  • Events
  • Celebrity Bodyguards
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Residential Complexes
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Protective Services
  • Armed Security Guards

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Sphinx Security Services

Sphinx Security Services was incorporated in Los Angeles as one of the upper echelon elite security guard and protective service providers in California. Our security professionals are trained at the highest level and have the experience to protect you in countless field situations.

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security officers Los Angeles San Francisco CA

Sphinx Security Services

The Original Name in Security & Protective Services

Sphinx is a statue of stone, famously known in Ancient Egypt. Having ruled one of the oldest, yet most advanced civilizations on Earth during that time, the Pharaohs realized the value of their progress in science, astrology, medicine and engineering. They went to great lengths to protect their valuable possessions and they built a statue of stone to symbolize the idea of the best guard.

With the head of a man and the body of a lion, the best guard would demonstrate excellent qualities, it was perceived:

  • Profound Intellect
  • Insightful Wisdom
  • Sound Judgment
  • Unyielding Courage
  • Fierce Vigilance
  • Fearless Dedication

Based on these principles and the great pride of having founded an American International institution, we are raising Sphinx Security Services.

Thank you for your interest in our services.
We look forward to being your most trusted name in our industry.

Sphinx Security Services covers all of California. Below you can view some of our top coverage areas. Contact us today to see if we serve your city.