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Emeryville Security Guard Services

Trusted by big names like Best Buy and Hollister, the security guard Emeryville officers that Sphinx provides are second to none. Click below for more on all the security services Sphinx offers.

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security guards Emeryville

Sphinx hires only the best security officers available. Think you have what it takes? Fill out our online application today.

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Sphinx Security Guard Services

You can rest assured that you will be getting only the top talent with Sphinx.

Our officers go above and beyond to ensure your safety.

Our competition is not the other security companies out there, our competition is law enforcement.

  • Off Duty Law Enforcement Officers
  • Threat Analysis Officers
  • Asset Protection Agents
  • Undercover Agents
  • Uniform Services
  • Auto Patrol
  • Armed Security Officers
  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Bodyguards
  • Exposed Firearm Officers
  • Concealed Firearm Officers
  • Bike Patrol
  • Foot Patrol

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Security Guards Emeryville

Perhaps you are requiring protective services for a government official, or for a commercial or residential job. Our Emeryville security guard company is for you. Our number is located on this page. We look forward to providing you with our private security guard services and armed bodyguards in Emeryville, CA.

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Security Services Emeryville

security guard services EmeryvilleYou can’t look over quality and experience when you are talking about the security services Emeryville company that will be protecting you or your company or client. To be a part of the Sphinx team our private armed security guards and protective Emeryville bodyguards had to have passed a training regimen that is highly taxing. Our well-trained and experienced officers from our security services Emeryville company are on standby ready to assist you in your protection needs.

Emeryville Security Officer

security officers Emeryville You can know that our security officer Emeryville company only brings on guards that can protect you with hand-to-hand combat as well as exhibit quick thinking, self-control, and understand exit strategies. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a commercial job or a residential job, our armed Emeryville security services provide guards that are ready for action. Simply head over to our contact page or call our security officer Emeryville services and bodyguard company’s phone number now to talk about how we can help.

Security Company Emeryville

security company EmeryvilleYou will be elated to know that our expert security company Emeryville pricing packages for bodyguards or armed officers are competitive. We know that with the type of highly trained officers in Emeryville and security guards that Sphinx offers, the investment in us will be more than worth it. Our private security company Emeryville is available to put your custom needs plan together with you today.

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Emeryville Protective Services

protective services EmeryvilleIt may be the case that you need a protective services Emeryville officer in a hurry. Our armed security guard services can accommodate your special needs regardless if you need our company for an event or a celebrity.
Our security company provides a private protective services Emeryville plan that combats all competitor companies.

Bodyguards Emeryville

bodyguards EmeryvilleWe chose “Sphinx” as the name for our bodyguards Emeryville company to represent the same meaning the Egyptians had for them. You can rest in the fact that just like the Egyptians created the Sphinx to show their great attack ability of the lion while having the sound judgement of a man, in the same way our private security officers will protect you. We are proud to be called Sphinx and that will show through our armed bodyguard Emeryville services.Emeryville Armed Security Services

Emeryville Private Security

private security EmeryvilleYou can rest in the fact that our private security Emeryville company has been in the industry for years and has been through an incredible amount of tactical situations. Our Emeryville security guard company has the experience and the know-how to really protect you as we have companies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Bebe, Ralph Lauren, and more. Don’t hesitate to call our armed private security Emeryville company if you are looking for a small residential, commercial, or other type job. Our security guards are glad to protect in every situation.

Emeryville Armed Security

armed security EmeryvilleFrom time to time we hold special deals for our armed security Emeryville guards. See today why our security guard services are regarded as #1. You can rest in the fact that our armed security Emeryville guards are fully equipped to handle every situation in the field. We’d love to show you why Sphinx Security Services are at the forefront of the industry for security guard Emeryville services in California.

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