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Sphinx Protective Services

A satisfied client starts with a satisfied employee.

Our job does not end when we send you a reliable, presentable and punctual officer. It only begins there.

In terms of professionalism, reliability, commitment and drive, we are currently not competing with any other security companies. We are competing with law enforcement agencies nationwide.

  • Off Duty Law Enforcement
  • Threat Analysis
  • Asset Protection Agents
  • Undercover Agents
  • Uniform Services
  • Auto Patrol
  • Armed & Unarmed Guards
  • Exposed Firearm Officers
  • Concealed Firearm Officers
  • Bike Patrol
  • Foot Patrol

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Sphinx Security Services

For the state of California, Sphinx Security Services is the most elite of companies. We train and hire the best of the best in guards who are able to provide multiple types of protection.

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Sphinx Security Services

The Original Name in Security & Protective Services

Sphinx is a statue of stone, famously known in Ancient Egypt. Having ruled one of the oldest, yet most advanced civilizations on Earth during that time, the Pharaohs realized the value of their progress in science, astrology, medicine and engineering. They went to great lengths to protect their valuable possessions and they built a statue of stone to symbolize the idea of the best guard.

With the head of a man and the body of a lion, the best guard would demonstrate excellent qualities, it was perceived:

  • Profound Intellect
  • Insightful Wisdom
  • Sound Judgment
  • Unyielding Courage
  • Fierce Vigilance
  • Fearless Dedication

Based on these principles and the great pride of having founded an American International institution, we are raising Sphinx Security Services.

Thank you for your interest in our services.
We look forward to being your most trusted name in our industry.


We are one of the most reputable agencies promoting effective employment opportunities. One of the greatest benefits offered by us is the personalization of each customer need. This means that we will help provide a unique package for your specific situation; then, offering you continued support to ensure success of the program.

The Sphinx name is derived from the Egyptian Sphinx from ancient times. The Egyptians created the Sphinx in the image of the mighty lion but with the intelligence of a human. You can trust we will give the most capable and the most intelligent team members to work with you.

Every step that you take in hiring a guard for your needs is an important one. This includes making that very first call as it is an indication of the type of service you can expect. With just one phone call to us you will be able to see how professionally we handle our business.

To see what you can expect, give us a call today for a quick quote.

You can be sure that every California bodyguard that Sphinx employs has been trained in areas like overall field awareness, exit strategies and hand-to-hand combat.

We have been recognized in California for excellent 24-hour communication and customer service.

Irrespective of the type of services you are searching for, we can help.

Many types of clients have been protected by us in Bakersfield. Some of our past clientele have included celebrities, foreign dignitaries, executives, and many more. The staff that works for Sphinx have helped to protect many government institutions including courthouses, federal buildings, and other properties. Our team has been seen protecting numerous public venues including television productions, sporting events, and inaugurations.

We are able to work on either a temporary basis or under a contract. Our services include personal security officers, vehicle patrol, camera surveillance, and more. Consult with our experts to find out which of our services would be best for your needs.

When you work with Sphinx, you are working with experienced officers. The professionals that work with Sphinx are ready to protect you today. It has never been easier to ensure the safety of yourself, any of your loved ones, or whomever else you want to protect. Sphinx has worked to protect CA residents for years in a manner of excellence and is able to handle any type of job.

When your family, business or community is at stake, you should never settle for less. Talk to us today and get an idea of how we can help you. You can call us at your own convenience or feel free to use the contact form to schedule a free service quote.

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  • protective services
  • vehicle patrol
  • armed & unarmed
  • commercial & residential
  • CCW officers
  • courtesy patrol
  • events
  • construction
  • government
  • office buildings
  • off duty cops

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