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Malibu Security Guard Services

Sphinx Security’s mission is to offer the right protective bodyguard or armed security guards Malibu program to our valued clients. For more about what we can do for you, click the button below.

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security guards Malibu

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Sphinx Security Guard Services

Sphinx goes to great lengths to make sure you are assigned the absolute best possible security guard for your unique job.

Our officers go above and beyond to ensure your safety.

Our competition is not the other security companies out there, our competition is law enforcement.

  • Armed Security Officers
  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Bodyguards
  • Exposed Firearm Officers
  • Concealed Firearm Officers
  • Bike Patrol
  • Foot Patrol
  • Off Duty Law Enforcement Officers
  • Threat Analysis Officers
  • Asset Protection Agents
  • Undercover Agents
  • Uniform Services
  • Auto Patrol

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Security Guards Malibu

If you need protective officers for offices, construction zones, government, residential or commercial help, or for celebrities; our company can help. The protection you’ve been needing by qualified a security officer Malibu is just a click away with our company.

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Malibu Security Services

security guard services MalibuSphinx compiles only the top officers this industry has to offer for their security services Malibu. Our Malibu security guards must undergo a training regimen that only the fierce, wise, and fearless can pass. We hope that you’ll seek out the finest protection through our vehicle patrol security services in Malibu or our private celebrity bodyguard services.

Security Officer Malibu

security officers Malibu You can rest easy knowing that our security officer Malibu company has been in business for years serving the public. Our protective services Malibu officers and bodyguards have been through it all. It’s imperative that you get the protection from the best; and that is through our security guards Malibu or private officers.

Malibu Security Company

security company MalibuAsk about our security company Malibu pricing today and let us get you a package that works for your particular needs. Our company will understand your needs that are unique to you and will provide Malibu bodyguards and officer services that are able to get the job done. Review our protective Services page in the top tab of our site to learn in more detail all of the services the guards at our private security company in Malibu provide.

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Protective Services Malibu

protective services MalibuProtective services in Malibu are just a click away with Sphinx. Our officers have protected large commercial companies all the way to helping with a bodyguard service for an off duty cop or a vehicle patrol for a residential area. We named ourselves Sphinx because of the symbolic meaning behind the Egyptian symbol. Our officer services company is powerful, swift, and cunning when need be.

Bodyguards Malibu

bodyguards MalibuTrying to find a reliable and talented private bodyguards Malibu company? We provide armed bodyguards security services for important officials in government or smaller jobs like courtesy patrol or residence protection services. Should you need armed Malibu bodyguards, our protective services can accomodate you as well.Malibu Armed Guards

Private Security Malibu

private security MalibuOur private security Malibu guards system may be more of what you’ve been needing. You can be sure that our officers are trained to understand exit strategies, how to make the best decisions in given situations, and also hand-to-hand combat. Our private security officer Malibu company can provide uniform, plain-clothed, or armed officers.

Armed Security Malibu

armed security MalibuCall our armed security Malibu guards company today and ask about any special promotions we may be putting on. Our armed bodyguards and officers are prepared to handle your commercial security services or even residential jobs. Our company is ready to protect. Call Sphinx now for security services in Malibu, California, or security guards Malibu officers.

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